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Elements of Darkness (Elements #1) Synopsis, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3


They are told that The Light is good, and to stay away from The Dark. But they have started to wonder. Rosalyn Thornwood of The Light. Living in The Light, and taught never to trust The Dark, she starts to wonder what The Light is hiding. When she gets to chance to investigate, she takes it gladly. But what she discovers is shocking. Caught in a game of Life and Death, she knows the only way to survive is to trust The Dark. But if she does, she will lose the support of The Light, and she will have to live on the run forever. The only way for her to live the way she wants is if she can combine The Dark and The Light, a legendary procedure. In the end, will she be able to save them, or will one succumb to the other? For fans of betrayal, deceit, prophecy, and dystopia.

Chapter 1: Home

I walked through the doorway into the place I had lived in all my life. Although it was rather plain, it was a special place that I loved with my heart. I hope I will inherit it when the time comes for my dear parents to depart the world, I thought, not my annoying twin sister Callie. Our parents absolutely adored her, and when they'd written their will her mother and father decided that Callie, being older and more "mature" by a few hours, would inherit the house when they died. I sincerely hoped that would change, in my favour.
Callie Thornwood. My complete opposite, so much that our teachers used to joke that we weren't related. I wished we weren't. She was the popular princess, the girl, and an absolute mean girl. Always looking for more power, wealth and control. Then there was me, the quiet, smart girl, an "absolute disgrace" to Callie. I didn't hunger for power, wealth and control. I did what I did. If that meant I was the hang-on or the leader, it didn't matter.  worked well with everyone except from Callie. She always used to say that my only good attribute was my curiosity. I secretly agreed. Well, I thought curiosity was a good attribute of mine. I remember how I used worship her, like she was my idol. Oh, how times had changed. Now, she hated me, and me her.
My home looked good, as per usual. Walking into my room, still thinking, I shut the door instinctively, and lay down on my bed. Ah, how good it felt to be home and safe. It was getting harder and harder to hide my snooping, and I feared that one day I would be caught, and locked up. But I was determined not to let that happen.
I'd always been curious about the differences between The Light and The Dark, and although i'd been warned not to ever delve into the world of The Dark, taught that The Light was good, I still wondered. It was the last thing I thought about before I feel asleep, sleeping uninterrupted.

Chapter 2: The Next Day

I woke up bathed in sunlight. Groaning, I rubbed my eyes. It was a school day, and I had to get up. But I couldn't resist falling asleep again.
"Come on stupid girl, wake up!" I woke, thrashing against my will. "Wh-what?" I mumbled, and opened my eyes. Callie was standing over me, and shaking me hard out. "Come on!!! I've finished my breakfast already, and Dad's waiting for you! Hurry up and get dressed, eat your breakfast, so I can get to school!!!" she shouted at me. "Fine, fine," I mumbled. I got dressed and ate quickly, knowing that if I was slow I would also be late to school, and I would get the blame, and possibly a detention. Callie waking me up was actually a blessing. "I'm ready," I shouted, as Dad started the car. I hopped into the car, buckled my seatbelt, and settled in. Callie had called shotgun, and sat smugly beside my Dad, shooting me smirks every five seconds. Uh, I groaned inwardly. She could be so annoying at times. I had no idea why I 'd worshipped her at a younger age. I guess she'd seemed like my cooler, awesome older sis. But now I knew that wasn't the case.
Dad's car pulled up at the gate of our school. It was time to go. "Bye, dad," I said before getting out of the car. Callie just jumped out, did a quick wave and was gone. Dad smiled. "Bye, sweetheart," he said before pulling away. I watched our car pull away for a while before turning back and walking into the school gates. Dad loved me more than Mum, but she ran the family. Which was unfortunate for me. But perfect for Callie, whom she loved with her whole heart. I sometimes wondered what she saw in Callie, and why she hated me.
"Lyn!" shouted a familiar voice, the voice of my best friend, Moira. Her dark hair whipped her face in the wind, and her dark eyes looked toward me. She looked a lot like me, and we could pass as twins. She was almost a brown-haired version of Callie, whose platinum blond hair shone in the sun, so much like her mother. "Mei," I replied. People always wondered why I called her Mei. The name was formed when we were smaller, and a teacher of ours always pronounced her name Meira, which produced her nickname. We had bonded at kindergarten, when we were paired for spelling.
Just then, the bell rang. The endless chatter ceased, and there was a mad rush to get to class. As usual, Mei and I waited for it all to cease before slowly walking to class.
Finally, the bell that signaled the end of school rang. All the students filed out silently, and the chatter began again. A plethora of voices attempted to drown out others, sharing the latest gossip. I just looked and Mei and rolled my eyes. We waited together at the bus stop, and soon the bus came. Buying tickets, we sat next to each other. We only just sat down before hearing sniggers behind us. I groaned inwardly. I could tell it was Callie and her pals without looking backward. "Look, it's the Irish Princess and her servant," sneered Emily, Callie's best friend. "I wonder what they're up to," Lyra, her other pal pitched in. In primary, Lyra had been a friend of ours, but after middle school she'd left us for Callie, who still taunted me about it. "Can't even keep a friend," "I wonder how long it will be before that Irish brat leaves you," she'd say. And never before had I found the courage not to be hurt. "Go away, Callie," I said wearily. Although Callie and her minions stopped talking to us, they kept sniggering and whispering. The bus stopping was a miracle. I could leave, and go to the library. "Bye, Mei," I said, not at all ashamed to leave her alone with Callie and her minions. She could handle herself, and she knew Callie only picked on her because she was my best friend, out of jealousy. "Bye," Mei said, and waved as I got off. Finally, I was alone. Not that I minded Mei's company, I just knew that she wouldn't understand my snooping.
I got on a computer, and researched "The Dark". Surprisingly, it wasn't blocked by The Light's server. I'd already found out that The Dark was a rival association, deemed "bad" by The Light, who told all the innocents that The Dark was bad, and made sure no one would go snooping, and find the truth. It seemed that they were confident enough not to block library searches of The Dark. But I soon saw why. The information that popped up was absolute nonsense. Then I realised that this was their fool-proof way of weeding out the curious, and taking them away. So that was where people disappeared. Spooked, I ran out of the library, ran and ran, until I finally looked back, and saw that no one was following me. I collapsed in relief. I knew I had to run. The Light knew who I was, that I was questioning them. But I didn't know how to run. I was at their mercy.
Eventually,  I fell asleep, and left my worries for the next morning.

Chapter 3: On The Run

I jolted awake. Shivering, I started to recall the past day. I was wrecked. Instead of thinking first, I'd just acted. I had no place to go, and I didn't doubt that my family had already been notified about my 'acts of treason', and I knew they wouldn't hesitate to turn me in if I went home. I had nowhere to go. Then I remembered. Mei lived by herself. I knew I could trust her. But I didn't know how to get to her home without being caught. I was certain The Light would think of monitoring my best friend's house. They weren't dumb. They were very, very smart. Too smart. Damn it! I felt like crying, and burrowing into my bed in my house, my house no longer.
Suddenly, a large shadow towered over me. I cowered in fear, hoping it wasn't The Light, coming to take me back. "Are you ok?" a tall man with dark hair and silver eyes asked. 'Y-yeah," I manage to say. He smiles. "You remind me of my sister, Roewen. Are you escaping The Light? You can trust me," he said. How did he know almost instantly? I wondered. After battling with myself, I decided I could trust him. "Y-yes," I said, my teeth still chattering from the cold of the night before. He smiled sympathetically. "Do you want to come with me to The Dark?" he asked tentatively. I smiled. So that's where he was from. "Hell, yeah. Lead the way," I said easily. He laughed, took my hand, and we began to walk.
We walked in silence for the first few minutes. " I just realised, I never told you my name," the man said, breaking the silence. "I'm Ameiyra."
"I'm Rosalyn," I said quietly, a little hesitant to share my name. Ameiyra stopped walking, and turned to face me. "Rosalyn Thornwood? Thorn's Daughter?" he asked incredulously. "Y-yes..." I said hesitantly, unsure of how and why he knew my mother. Ameiyra smiled reassuringly. "Relax, you'll see Thorn soon." It wasn't a surprise that my mother was alive, but for some reason, I was angry at my mother. She'd left us to fend for ourselves when I was three years old, left me with my broken father who hated me because I bore a resemblance to her, and left me with my damn sister Callie. I felt the fury pulsating through me, and it was hard to refrain from punching Ameiyra just because he was beside me.
"Don't be angry at your mother," Ameiyra said. "I know you want to, I know it's hard. But she couldn't do anything else. Just like you can't now. I know you think the rest of your family won't care that you're gone, but inside, they care. Believe me, I know, I certainly cared when the rest of my family died in The Assault." The Assault. The final sign that The Dark was bad. That day, The Light had slaughtered them. It was devastating, and crushing for everyone.
It was then that I remembered. When I was researching The Dark, I'd come across what The Light had hid from the general public. The former head of The Dark, a man named Antoen. 
Ameiyra's father. 
He must've been devastated, losing so much of his family that day. I realised something else- that day was the day my mother left. That day, my mother met Ameiyra.
Ameiyra laughed. "Yes," he said softly. "It's true. My father is Antoen" He turned away, and I swore I saw a tear in his eye. "Anyway, you'd better get some rest. You have a long day ahead of you."

Enjoy it? Chapter 4 is coming! :D

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