Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twisted Bullet Day 4 Part 3

Day 4 (Stacey)

An hour later I step into our room. Annie is on her bed rubbing her neck, where there should've been blood, Yama & Jazmin look like they are in a texting conversation and Kendyll is reading. Typical Kendyll. I pull up a chair by Annie's bed, she looks at me. I want to break the awkward silence that is going on between everyone, but I can't, I don't know what to say. She is only 11, so far in her life in the last week she has been, shot, nearly kidnapped, and stabbed. Oh and someone has to tell her that her parents and sister are dead. There is a knock on the door, the police officer I was talking to comes in. He looks at all of us.
"Sorry to break the silence but I need to speak with Annie, alone."
Annie looks at me again, she shakes her head.
"I have to speak with her, you can come too" He says to me
I look back at Annie, she doesn't do anything.
"You can speak with her, but I am coming." I respond
"Come with me then"
I stand up and take Annie's hand she clutches onto it. Together we walk down into a separate room. The first thing he says is "are you aware that your immediate family is dead?"
She nods her head. What? No one said anything to her about it. Unless he told her.
"You are going to have to go to a court tomorrow along with everyone else to discuss this matter along with the shooting." He says quietly
Annie nods again.
"That is all"
Annie stands up and walks to the door, I follow behind her.
"Oh and Stacey?"
I turn around to look at him.
"Pete is going to be there" He says
I just nod before walking out the door with Annie. Halfway down the corridor Annie stops and looks at me.
"Stacey? I don't want to see him again" She says
"I know, I don't either." I respond
We continue down the hall before turning into our room. The others are all talking in hushed voices. They stop talking though as soon as we walk in. Annie gets a glass of water, goes back to sitting on her bed. I go sit beside her. Everyone else comes over. Annie puts her hand onto the bullet wound and crumples up her face briefly.
"Annie? Where is it hurting?" I ask her
"Where the bullet is" she replies very quietly
"Can I have a look?"
She nods. She lies down on her back and rolls up her top to reveal the bandage. Yama goes around to the other side of the bed. I grab a clean bandage from the first aid kit, I slowly unravel the bandage that is on her at the moment trying not to hurt her. After that is done I just put the new one on. She sits up again I give her the glass of water. It slips through my fingers and slowly makes its way to the ground. It stops suddenly and hovers cm's above the floor, I look at Annie, she has her hand out completely flat she brings her arm up and the glass follows. She places it on the table and then nods at me. Is it possible that Yama was right about the bullet? That it did contain powers. That we are connected? All I know is that we cannot say a word to anyone about this tomorrow.

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