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Touched (Immortalia #1) Synopsis, Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2,

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What would you do to stay alive? 4 years ago, Arielle Rien went through the changes that made her a True Immortali. Running from the Riveran authorities, she lost everything. Her best friend, Kira Oakley, and her family. Now she lives in a world without them. When she gets an unexpected chance to go back to Rivera, she takes it. What she finds there is shocking, and it hurts her. Until, she learns who she really is, and what she is destined to be...

Prologue (5 Years Ago):

I was walking to class with my best friend, Kira, who was pretty much my sister. Back then, I still thought I was human, and a loyal Riveran. But that day, I started experiencing what was called “the symptoms”. They meant you were an Immortali, a true daughter or son of Immortalia, the realm that was mythical in the human world. I was only 12. I knew what I needed to do, escape Rivera, to Aeria, the sanctuary of a country that welcomed all. But I was stubborn, and I didn’t want to leave Kira, and my family. I wouldn’t have left, but Madara, an attendant at our school cafeteria, told me I had to. She helped me escape, and she left with me. She told me Rivera wasn’t meant to be like it was. Rivera had changed immensely. She told me that in Rivera, a long time ago, humans and Immortali had lived together peacefully. But then, the humans revolted. They killed all Immortali who didn’t leave Rivera. This angered the gods and they cursed the humans. they were cursed to have Immortali children, whenever it pleased the gods. Why were there humans in Immortalia? Because the humans are Immortali, disgraced Immortali killed and reborn human. Not many know that, but I do. Madara does, too. I’m not sure how. So Madara convinced me to go to Aeria with her. then I spent 2 years training with Thomas, a son of Hermes. Then I returned to Aeria, where I have been since. Years pass fast. I have a life now. But without Kira my family. A new life. A new name.

Chapter 1: Arielle

“Arielle!” I looked up, surprised and saw Thomas.  He was already back. I  ran to him, and embraced him. “I missed you.” I said teasingly. “Although you did come back before schedule …” Thomas smiled. “I won’t be away anytime soon. Ari decided I needed more education, so I’m joining you at school.” I laughed. Ari, or Ariana was the first daughter of Hermes. The children of Hermes were Trainers, so Ari was their leader. “Really?” I teased. Thomas sighed. “Yup, I’m never going to forget.” He sighed again, but I could tell he wasn’t annoyed. “I … “messed up” a training simulation.” I laughed, imagining Ari looking down, stern at him, with a cheeky look on his face. “Anyway, I better leave, it’s getting late. See you soon.” Thomas waved, and walked away. I walked back inside Aerial West, where the women 13 up lived. I unlocked my room, and lay down. I wondered what tomorrow would be like briefly, before falling sound asleep.  

Chapter 2: Kira

I still thought about Arie, my best friend- well, former best friend. A true Immortali hiding in a realm of humans. When I’d found out who Arie really was, I’d been shocked. Sad, almost. I wasn’t missing her, because I was a loyal Riveran.
Rivera. The country that despised true Immortalians. If only we’d been born in Aeria. I would still have a best friend, and nothing would change. I wasn’t sure why I thought that way. I guess I just felt left behind, betrayed. I looked around the graveyard. I’d come here alone, to get away and think. It was Arie’s 17th birthday tomorrow, but I knew I would be too busy to escape, so I settled for today instead.  It was eerily beautiful. Autumn leaves cascaded down from the branches of almost bare trees, surrounding a plethora of gray stone markers. I’d tried so hard to be a loyal Riveran, but after Arie left it had been very hard. I wished she would come and save me.

I wondered if she would ever think about me. I wondered if she would think of us as enemies or friends. I continued pondering for a while, until my watch beeped. Damn, I thought, time was up. I had to return, or they would notice. But as I  walked back along the dusty grey path I’d.. come on, my thoughts stayed on Arie.

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