Monday, December 15, 2014

Twisted Bullet Day 4 (Part 1)

Day 4 (Kendyll)

Were all by her side waiting for her to wake up again. Annie has been waking up every 2 hours screaming, she doesn't scream as loud when Stacey is there. When the bullet came back from testing the doctors started becoming very cautious around all of us. They don't tell us what is happening now. All we've heard were the words "Twisted Bullet"

Day 4 (Yama)
"Twisted Bullet" the two words I mutter as I type them into Google. Nothing much comes up, not even a full page of results. I try the first few links. All of them are blocked with passwords. I go back and copy/paste the blurb that comes up underneath the link. "Telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation" was all that came up. I pasted it into the search.
"Jackpot" I whisper

Day 4 ( Jazmin )
"What is it?" I ask Yama
"Look at this" she says, passing her laptop over to me.
I look at her.
"Just read it" she says frustrated

Scientists have just discovered a gem which gives you telekinesis & telepathy. Unfortunately due to testing reasons they have now melted it a locked it away in a single bullet. They bullet has 
characteristics of slim and narrow with a tinge of purple. 

"You don't think that she was hit with it do you?" I ask
She chucks a container with something inside it at me.
"How did you even get this?" I say, not looking forward to her response
"That doesn't matter right now. That is the bullet that came back, well part of it."
"What do you mean part of it?"
"There is some of that, inside Annie"

Day 4 (Stacey)
"No there isn't"
"Read this" Yama says
I skim over the page, she chucks the bullet container at me.
"How did you get this" I say
"Does it really matter? Look, there could be a link between you two" She says
"Unless you can realistic get proof, I can't believe you"
A scream comes from Annie. We all turn around from our little talk. She is sitting up with her hand resting on her neck..

Day 4 ( Kendyll)
She collapses and so does Stacey.
We all look at each other. Yama & I pull Stacey up and place her on the neighbouring bed, Jaz checks Annie.
"What happened?" I ask
"Looks like we are about to find out" Jaz says, nodding at the doctors coming in.
"Did they both collapse at the same time?" one of them asks
I nod.
They all go over to Stacey and take 2 samples of blood. She tenses up and takes a short sharp breath. The doctors all look at each other before moving to Annie. They take 3 samples of blood. Annie does exactly the same. This causes the Doctors to look at one another again before wheeling both of them through the doors.
"Hey, what are you doing?" Yama shouts out.
"Screw this" She says and runs after them, she goes in front of them shouting. Doesn't make a difference. One of the doctors she catches up to shoves her down into the the ground.
"Oh my god" I say
Jaz & I run to her side.
"What the hell just happened?" I say.
"I honestly have no idea" Yama replies

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