Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Hi All,
I am going to try and post a short blurb a day, for about a week/5 days. It is nearly the end of my 1st term school holidays and I have been quite busy, so each day I will attempt to post a short blurb a day.

Blurb One-
- I walk through the remnants of the school corridor, lockers have been punched in, textbooks are scattered along the paper strewn floor. I hear talking and quicken my pace. I look to my left and see a teacher, beckoning me inside away from the destruction. The destruction that I caused, the Hunters did the damage, but only because I was here, hiding from the truth of who I really am. I let out a soft gasp, leaning against the wall are bodies, dead bodies. My eyes scan the room for my best friend, Selena, I find her. She is beside many other nearly dead people, shivering and wheezing for breath. I catch her eye and she lets out an extremely weak smile. I smile back, and walk over to her. She moves her arm and lets out a small groan. I once again gasp, where her arm was, is now a blood stained patch. She closes her eyes, and lets out her final breath. I look at her, then at all the other bodies around the room, and then finally at the teacher, who has a grim look on her face. I can't stand it, all the Hunters did was kill a pile of innocent people, my school friends. I run out of the door, not looking back, I lead past many other classes before finally reaching the entrance of the school. I rush outside, sprint to my left and around the school, to the class I was just in. In the room the teacher is staring at me outside, so are many other students in all of the classes. I look behind me, to the deep blue ocean. I turn back towards the school and see all pupils and staff members angry, they are angry at me. I turn around so my body is away from them and face the water. Lurking under it, was my home, the place where I belong. Where other people like me dwelled. With no other thoughts, I run towards the edge and dive in.


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