Thursday, January 15, 2015

Short Story 2

Another Short Story

Today was the day, the day I have been dreading my entire life. My 16th Birthday. The day I will be sentenced to work full time with a career I don't wont. I looked down hesitantly at the back of my wrist examining the small crown installed into my skin. A pear of gold wings fluttered beside the crown and on top a silver halo glistened. Id trade my tattoo for anything. The crown, it meant I was destined to work for royalty, the pair of wings, well all I know is that my soul mate has the same tattoo. Turning 16 now meant I have to start work and move in to my new home. The Alapathia Palace. Where I will serve the king and queen and there horrible son Terrence.

I pulled myself out of bed sighing in disgust. I looked around and stared at the pile of cardboard boxes surrounding my room. I walked to my suitcase witch was over flowing with my clothes. I stuffed my remaining clothes from my closet in to it and began to drag it towards the door. I stopped before turning the nob and heard footsteps approach. I twisted the nob and opened the door to my younger sister Lilly.

'Happy birthday” she said, tears forming in her small turquoise eyes. I wrapped my arms around her. She had three more years before she started work. She had a simple job. She was to be a teacher a red round shaped apple with an “R” was engraved on her wrist. I pulled back from her grip.”you can visit me at the palace”, I'm sure the queen Rosella will understand. My sister and I were very close. I looked past her shoulder and noticed mum and dad creeping towards us. They had tears too.

“Happy Birthday Bella” they said, resting a hand on Lily's shoulders. I was lost for words. My parents work at the nearest medical hospital.

“I may need help with my stuff” I told them before turning to my suitcase and lifting it of the floor. My sister walked forward and grabbed two boxes. I took the last one and walked to the car. I placed all my belongings in the back.

It was now the moment I hated the most. My family watched me as I pulled myself into the car. Tears were flooding down their faces as I started the engine.

“I love you. I promise you may visit. I will call when I get there” I told them. They waved goodbye in silence as I closed the door and began to drive towards the palace.

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