Thursday, April 30, 2015

Titan (The Ancient Powers #1) Synopsis, Part I, Part II


Valentia Lily "Astra" Adams. The quiet girl at school, never noticed. Until one day, she goes to a party she was forced to, and meets someone different. They begin to date secretly, and it becomes harder and harder to hide their relationship in public. When Valentia learns his true identity, they fall apart, and although she struggles to stay away from him, he is closed to her. But then she learns who she really is, and she knows she's in danger. And he plays a part in it. Will she ever trust him with her secrets again?

Part I: The Party (Val)

I wandered amongst the crowd, annoyed to be here. My best friend Emilia had forced me to come, and after much coaxing, I did. I wish I'd just said no. "May I have this dance?" said a voice behind me I didn't recognise. I turned, and saw a beautiful boy with green eyes and white-blond hair. "Sure," I mumbled, unsure of how to politely say no. He grinned, and guided me to the dance floor. It was much like a typical dance floor, sparkly and shiny. We swayed amongst the bodies gracefully. "What's your name?" he asked as we danced. "Uh..." He laughed. "Hey, uh. I'm John." I laughed too, unable to stop myself. But I could tell something was unusual about this boy. I doubted his name was really John, but I didn't press. "I'm Val," I replied.
The conversation was light the rest of the dance. Soon, it was time to let him go. "Bye," I waved him farewell. But I couldn't shake off the feeling that I knew him.
Damn it. It was so hard, too hard to ignore Val's call. She was having way too much of an effect on me. It had never hurt me like this before. Ignoring girls had been painless, and I'd never given the deed a second thought afterward. But, everything was different with Val. Everything that I never gave a second thought seemed hard to do.
I briskly walked home to my mansion of a house, courtesy of my brother. "Hey," Danny, my brother said as I walked in. "Hey." From that one word, my brother sensed that something was wrong. "What's wrong?" he asked. Danny cared about me more than anyone. He might be a pop star, but underneath the star he was a kind and caring guy. I decided to tell him. "There's this girl, Val. I've seen her twice now. The thing about her is, she's not like the others. It hurts to tell her lies and ignore her. I can't resist it any longer, Dan. If I see her again, I'll break. I'm so scared, Dan. I don't know what to do," I confess. He thinks for a while before replying. "Then tell her. You have senses, Shay. I believe you. If she's special, she will find you. And when she does, tell her the truth. If she's not special, then she won't find you. Take a few days off Shay. Have a rest, and wait for her." My brother's advice was always unnerving and wise. "Thank you." Dan smiled. "Thank you. Take care, Shay." And just like that, he was gone.
Part II: Window Shopping (Val)
Weeks later, I saw the boy again while I was window shopping. "John," I called. There was no response. It was just somebody else, I told myself. But my instincts were telling me it was him, "John".

(Him): Coming soon!

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