Friday, April 17, 2015

Blurb 4

The twilight sky glooms above me. It would be dark soon.I keep walking being as quite as possible. CRACK! I look down at my mint coloured shoes, just a twig I think calmly to myself. I start walking once again until I reach my destination.
The wooden frame stood tall in the remaining sunlight. Glass was shattered along the greenless grass. As I move closer to the door, I notice paint peeling of revealing smeared blood. I step onto the fly infested porch, nearly falling through the soggy rotten wood. When I reach the door and start to turn the handle, I feel something wet and sticky. Thinking that nothing was wrong, I open the decorated door. I step into the house, my foot stepping onto what felt like sticks. I look down and scream, a high pitch scream, shattering any remain glass, and tearing through the fog that was slowing enclosing on me. A pile of charred black bones sat in a pile under my foot...

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