Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alone (Eternals Fall) Prologue, Chapter 1

Prologue (Before):
Artemis heard the stomping of the guardians.They would be here soon to end her. Artemis heard a shout behind her. “Lady!” shouted Ria, her second-in-command. “They’re coming!” Artemis smiled grimly. “Get everyone to safety!” She shouted. “You know what to do!”
“Just do it!” Artemis looked at her desperately. “Please!” Ria hesitated a second longer, then nodded and barked orders to her generals. 
a few minutes later...
When Artemis lay there, dying, the last thing she saw was Raziel looking down at her, the expression on his face too horrid to be real. “I, Raziel, Co-founder of the nightfalls, swear to avenge the death of Artemis, Lady of the Immortals, Eternal of the west, Elemental of the wind, Sovereign of winter blood, True founder of the Nightfalls.” Raziel smiled horridly, knowing that he would no longer be the same, and sadly thought an apology to Ria.
Chapter 1:
Lena smiled, looking down at the familiar colours of the town square. They weren't bright, but dark and rather sinister, with warnings etched all over it.
Years had passed since her mother, Maya had been slain by Elena, Maya's rival, Ana's succeder. She had a powerful position in the council, and had somehow managed to discover some of Maya's secrets. Even Maya's sister, Rebecca didn't know these secrets. When Maya died, most of the nightfall sector assumed that the sector was a lost cause, and left and joined other sectors. But, some decided to stay, believing and hoping that the nightfall sector could be saved. Those who stayed were right. I watched them for a whole week, before going out of hiding and telling them who I was. Some were not so surprised, but they were when I told them that Maya had been the last guardian of the Eternalites alive, and when she died it had been passed to me. And Dimitri. Dimitri, my older brother, had been born into a world of deceit, trickery, lies. He'd had to grow up fast, and soon he'd gone into hiding with trained samurai guards. Though Lena had no idea where he was an if he was alive, Lena longed to see him again, her older brother who had taught her almost everything she knew. She felt herself drifting off, gradually teleporting to his location. That was when Rebecca found her, leaning on the balcony. Rebecca was instantly paralysed by a strange magic, looking at her face. She looked so like Maya. Maya had a secret daughter? she wondered, confused. The magic faded, and she could move again. She reached out to touch the child's face- but she disappeared.

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