Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Blurb 2

The cold steel wall pressed hard against my back. A chilly breeze came, which sent goosebumps up my arm, making hair stand up on my neck. I stood carefully trying not to squish my younger brother and sister, who were peacefully sleeping with me, I made my way to the kitchen area hoping that food had miraculously appeared overnight. -No Luck- This was frustrating, annoying, hopeless, but it was how it was. I had to go outside. TODAY. It was either live or die of starvation and I would rather live than die. Also I made a promise to Dad, I promised to look after my siblings. When he put us in here to keep us safe I remember his face, it was streamed with tear marks, I could never forget that day. When he locked us in here, he told us nothing. Nothing at all. All he said was that he would come back for us, with Mum, in a couple of weeks. It's been 3 months and each day we lose hope. The next few days after he left were horrible. We would keep staring at the door for hours at a time thinking that he would come back with a smile on his face. Each day it got worse, Michael my younger brother, started crying and then he wouldn't talk to us at all. Not even Ivy, which said lots, he adores Ivy and would do anything for her. I glance over to where my siblings were tranquilly sleeping. I have to find a way out of here, preferably without hurting or putting them in any form danger. Ivy would go nuts, once I told her what I was going to do. I had to reveal my plan slowly. So I walked over to the torturous steel wall, woke her up, and started talking...

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