Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Twisted Bullet Day 5

Day 5 (Yama)

We are all waiting inside the courtroom. Security guards are on either side of us. I swear I am pretty sure they don't do this with all victims. Turns out that there is more than just one case of the shooting, they have to find family for Annie to live with. We all suspect that she will be going down south to live with her Grandparents. A loud bang startles me, the court is in session.

Day 5 (Stacey)

They bring Pete out. I refuse to look at him, though I can feel his eyes looking straight at me. Annie obviously looked at her shooter, because she then grabs my hand. This causes me to look at her and him. Pete. Why? Why did I look? I was correct, he was looking straight at me, I couldn't look away. The judge started to speak, I soon got lost into my own day dream. I used to spend nights with Pete before we broke up. I had Dance classes I had to teach, I had routines to make up, I had a show in 1 month. The show. The show where he came with a gun. A bullet that was mean't for me, not Annie. If she hadn't jumped that night I wouldn't be here. None of us would. I am brought out of my daydream by someone saying my name. I look around. Pete is looking at me still. The judge is calling out my name. I have to speak.

Day 5 (Jazmin)

I look across to Stacey she stands up and begins to speak. I listen thinking I know the story, I am wrong. It is completely different. She talks about her time spent with him before going to the night of the shooting.
"Did you know about this?" I whisper to Kendyll and Yama
"No" they both reply back in unison
I lean forward so I can see Annie she is shaking. She catches my eye. I see the fear in her. She looks away quickly. Stacey finishes talking and runs out of the room. The judges dismisses the court for a 30 minute interval.

Day 5 (Kendyll)

We all look at each other, then at Annie. She stands up and starts to walk to the door. We catch up to her.
"Annie what are you doing?" Yama asks
"I'm going to the cafe area, she is there, I just know it." She replies, surprising us all.
"What? I can speak." she adds
We run to the cafe and see Stacey there sitting down at a table, she looks up at us, her eyes are red and her face is streamed with tear marks. She is fiddling with the locket that she keeps around her neck, only this time it isn't. We walk over to her, the locket she is holding is open showing pictures of them together. Annie stops in her tracks, she doesn't move, doesn't even flinch.
"You ok?" I ask her
She nods, she starts walking again.

Day 5 (Yama)

I glance back to Annie, she is walking, but walking to the window instead. She looks outside, she just stares. For a moment everything is still and silent, but then they come. White lights, flashing objects, shouting blind our eyes. Reporters? Seriously? Can this get any worse? As if on cue, Annie falls back onto the ground. The next few minutes were a blur, guards came in and took us to a separate room, medics came a took Annie somewhere else. We didn't fight, we knew she was fine. We were all tired as well. The Judge comes in and says that the hearing has been called of. Pete is sentenced to 9 years in prison. Hopefully we won't see him again. The case of where Annie goes isn't settled yet. There will be a discussion about it in a week. In the mean time she is in our care. A few minutes after the Judge leaves the medics come in and take us to Annie. She is lying there unconscious, we rush to her side.
"Will she be ok?" I ask
"She will be fine, but take a look at this" one of them replies.
They grab a glass of water and pour it over Annies wrist, there is a short pause before the unspeakable happens. We all just stare at what used to be legs, instead of legs there is a tail. A mermaid type of tail.

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