Thursday, December 11, 2014

Twisted Bullet Day 3

The single spotlight gleamed upon the girl who was silently waiting for the music to begin. The girl. The girl who sacrificed everything to protect over 300 people. The 300 people who stood in fear and shock while she jumped in front. BANG

Day 3 (Stacey)


The sound of the heart monitor awakens me. Annie is still in her coma from the shot, and I am still in shock from her jumping. The doctors say she is improving but still isn't stable enough, they come in every day to change the bandage. I go down stairs to go get someone to take the next shift, everyone is there. 
"Is she ok?" Jazmin asks
"She's holding up"
"You've been up all night you should get some rest" Kendyll says
"Thanks" I reply
I go back up to Annie's room before going to our room that the hospital has kindly given to us to use. The newspaper is lying down on my bed with the cover page facing me.
"Oh My God" I whisper
Victims parents killed in car crash.
Seconds later a scream comes from her room, She's awake.

Day 3 (Yama)

A scream come's from her room, I drop my glass, it shatters into diamonds. I look at Jazmin, she nods, together we run up to her room.

Day 3 (Jazmin)
We run up to her room, Kendyll & Stacey are beside her.
"What happened?" I ask, out of breath.
"I don't know. I left and she started screaming" Stacey replies
Yama goes over to Annie to check her pulse,
"Uh guy's, you might want to see this"
She pulls back Annie's hair to reveal a small black butterfly tattoo.

Day 3 (Stacey)
"What? Last time I checked she never had one." I say
"Well what do we do?" Jaz responds
I look at her "We don't"
"What do you mean?"  All 3 of them are now looking at me in shock.
"Something is happening to her, what it is, I don't know, all we can do is wait to see what hapens"

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