Saturday, December 27, 2014

Twisted Bullet Day 4 (Part 2)

Day 4 (Yama)

"Look, I have no clue about what just happened but I am following them" I say before running ahead.
Jazmin & Kendyll catch up to me. We all turn the corner to find a dead end. Ok it was a key pad door. I look through the window and see at least half a dozen security cameras.
" Look at this" I say to them "If I find the control room I can access the footage from the cameras and see what is happening in there"
"Do we have a choice?" Jaz says, smiling.
"I'm in" Jaz replys
"Me too" Kendyll says
"Lets go"

Day 4 (Jazmin)

We find the control room half an hour later. Thankfully it is deserted. Obviously lunch break for them. Yama pulls out a USB and plugs it into the computer. She looks at the footage showing of the locked door before turning to face us.
"They will be back any minute now, I can get the file's but we will then have to get out of here" She says
"Get them" I reply
It doesn't take long before we are back in our room for watching the footage.
"Is that them?" Kendyll asks
"Looks like it" Yama says
"Oh my god" I whisper, "they're awake"

Day 4 (Kendyll)

"Is that a knife?" Jaz says
"Is that the guy who shot her?" Yama asks
"We need to get in there and get them out asap" I hear myself saying.
We keep watching though. The guy comes up to her holding the knife while pointing at Stacey. Annie crumples up her face. The guy comes closer til he is right beside her. The knife touches the skin leaving blood following. But it doesn't stay like that. Shortly after the blood, the skin heals itself. The guy grins, and points at Stacey again. Annie shakes he head. Clearly unacceptable for him as all this does get him to put the blade on her stomach. She screams, Stacey jolts awake. The guy grins once again but this time he throws the knife towards Stacey. It's a doesn't hit her,  instead in lands beside her. She takes this chance to grab it and cut herself free from the ropes. He pulls out another knife. But Stacey chucks the knife at him. It hits him. He says something.  He stumbles, dropping the gleaming knife. Stacey walks over to him and cuffs his hands together with rope. Then goes over to Annie and tries to get her free.
We go over to a security guard who is in the corridor taking our laptop with us. We show it to him. He immediately calls for backup. We follow him to the door which was locked. He can't get through. Great. We all wait for others to arrive. No one can get in. The security guard who we went to gestures for us to get back. We do as he says. Then he pulls out a firearm and takes five shots at the key pad. Surprisingly it works and the door opens. We rush in to find the man to our left of the door. Stacey and Annie are crouched down in a corner of the room. We run over to them.
“Are you OK?” I ask
Stacey just nods. I take a look at Annie, she is shivering. Some people come and escort us back. Everyone but Stacey, the guards need to hear what happened to them.

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