Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stories and Inspiration

Hey everyone! I'm hoping to post more as the year goes on, and I hope you enjoy reading my writing! :) So I'd like to announce a few projects I'll get on here as soon as I can:

~Note: these are all blurb drafts~

1- Tiger's Curse- It has been 7 years since Maria Ashyer ousted The Committee at Tiger's Curse. Since that day, champion of Tiger's Curse Areylia Ravenshadow was never seen again.

16- year old Eliana Ryeburn lives in the "New" Sailin. She remembers the day well. A rebellion has been stirring, with rumours to overthrow Maria. When the time comes for Eliana to choose, what will she choose?

2- Untitled- This will be a spin-off retell of Beauty and the Beast, told from the beast's POV. Featuring twins Ashton and Ashley Kraiyama.

3- Valentia- a short story collection- Valentia Lily "Astra" Adams. The quiet girl at school, never noticed. Until one day, she goes to a party she was forced to, and meets Shay Donnell. They begin to date secretly, and it becomes harder and harder to hide their relationship. When Valentia learns Shay's true identity, they fall apart. She struggles to stay away from him though, and he is closed to her. But when she learns who she really is, she knows she's in danger. And Shay plays a part in it. Will she ever trust him with her secrets again?

Hope you enjoy reading this. :) Please leave feedback! I know that last blurb was terrible. :D

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