Friday, May 1, 2015

The Transformation Synopsis, Prologue

*Set before Alone (Eternals Fall) and Eternalites

Synopsis coming soon!

Prologue (A few days before)
There was a flash of light, and Raziel appeared. "Artemis, we can't hold them back much longer. You must summon her." I knew who he meant. Miyuki, goddess of the elements, elemental of the winds, guardian of the west. my half-sister, and the gods' only hope.
Miyuki was not what we'd expected to find. She had a gentle, caring nature, but she was fierce, and a born leader. She'd do anything to protect those she loved. She knew nothing of her past, but she didn't wonder. She had no clue who she was, and how valuable she was.
Raziel readied The Circle as I prepared to read the prophecy. "Blood of the blood, Roses of the rose, these bind our loyalty. I, Artemis Euphesia, goddess of virgins, the moon, and the hunt, summon the Elemental goddess Miyuki, goddess of the elements, daughter of the winds, guardian of the west. To do so I offer my sacrifice in return for..."

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