Thursday, January 15, 2015

Short Story 1

Hi All!
Here is just a short story I wrote a while ago.

I ran from the ashes of my dream. Looking behind me and watching my nightmare take over. I crumpled my face and screamed louder than I ever had. My mind hazy and dim, I fell to the ground clutching the last thing I had left. I hugged it tight as I listened to the horrible memories flooding my head. I sat on the wet dirt that covered my boots. I could smell the fire aroma press against my face. I covered my eyes in terror and screamed loudly. I saw the darkness swirl into colour and the truth finally came out. I saw a face and then my mind ended the nightmare... 

That was the dream I'd been having for the last 3 days. The hospital staff had been kind enough to understand what I had lost. That night I was the only survivor of the fire, my parents and my sister died while trying to get out. Now I had to choose, choose for going to an orphanage or to live with my Aunt. Both of them were equally horrible. Eventually I went with my aunt. So later that day I was sitting outside on the steps when she finally pulled up. “Get in” she yelled with a slur. As soon as she said that I knew I made a mistake. I'd forgotten that she was an alcoholic. Never the less I got into the filthy car. As we drove away I looked back and tears ran down my face. “Would you stop that” I cried as I pulled the cigarette from her hand and chucked it out the window not caring what the consequences were.  "Oh lighten up, you're lucky I even took you in" she said thundered. "Well don't worry at all I'm planning to get out of your life faster than a cheetah can run" I responded sarcastically.
"Don't you smart mouth me" she replied opening up a beer. I grabbed the beer out of her hands and shoved it out the window. "Haven't you ever heard of the law don't drink and drive? Oh wait, No, because your crazy! I'm meant to be the one who's crazy, I just watched my parents die before my eyes. I'm going to try and stay alive if that's ok with you." throwing the cigarette pack out the window while I was at it. She ignored me and turned the corner to stop outside a small wooden house. I walked over to the gate and took a glance at the trees in front. They were all skinny and had wilting leaves all over the place. 
"So this is where the witch lives" I muttered while picking up a  half trampled on flower. 

"Oh shut up you dumb mutt" she mumbled as she walked up the pathway. I slowly trudged behind her.
"Eww is that a..."
"Oh yeah I'll clean that up later"
When I got into the house the first thing noticed was the smell that lurked around I got interrupted from my little daydream by my aunt. "I hope you like takeaways as I don't cook" she grumbled. I ran my finger along the kitchen bench, it picked up magnitudes of dust. Every where I went was dusty. I will probably die from an asthma attack I thought to myself. I moved along the corridor to find myself a place where I can place my only belonging a teddy which I salvaged from the fire. Eventually I found a room where I could stay. The sun streamed through the crystal windows reflecting of the mirrors. I placed my teddy onto the quilted bed and walked over to the window.  Just outside of my window was a little pond. I ran outside and dipped my feet into it. The water was cool just the right temperature for swimming. A breeze brushed past and the sunlight glistened on the rippling water. I stared down at the water to see my reflection, just looking made me remember how much I liked to swim. I remembered they used to call me the girl underwater.
I knew what this was it was destiny.

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