Thursday, May 14, 2015

Twisted Bullet Chapter 6

Stacey's P.O.V
My mouth drops open in shock. I go over in my head everything that has happened in the last week. More importantly, yesterday. When she put her hand out and stopped the glass from shattering, when she collapsed, dragging me down with her. I shake myself back to reality by looking at Yama. She is looking at Jasmine, who is looking at me. I hear a voice, Annie's voice, but when I look at her she isn't speaking or even awake. The voice gets louder and louder. The others can hear it as well, because moments later they stumble back into the wall. The voice gets louder still, until it becomes a scream, a scream that actually comes from Annie this time. She awakens with her scream, and looks down at her legs. Well her tail now. She lets out a small gasp, and I immediately grab a towel that is on a table beside me. I start drying the tail. I don't know what is happening, but as soon as she is back to normal, we are getting out of here. Normal. If that even counts any-more. I keep drying, and seconds later there is a flash of blue, and her legs reappear. There is a knock on the door behind me and someone enters the room. I turn around to see the person, I recognise him as the police officer I had been talking to before hand. 
"I need you all to come with me" he says to us.
We all just nod. Like before, we are too tired to care. I grab Annie's hand and she jumps of the bed she was lying in. She nearly collapses but makes a swift recovery, that only I notice. As we leave the officer, explains that he is taking us to a safe house area. We exit the building. Flashing lights blind us once again. Annie is in front of me. She calls out to me, and runs back to me. I shield her face from the cameras. We rush to a car that has tinted windows and clamber in. A driver, starts up the vehicle, and we leave. I think about the bullet. The Bullet. The bullet that was meant for me, the bullet that hit her, the bullet that made all of this happen, the bullet that changed everything. 

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