Friday, May 15, 2015

Mortal Ice (Novella) Synopsis, Chapter 1


False call. Sorry!! The Synopsis is being edited, and I will make it available soon. :)

Chapter 1:

"Kestrel, you are summoned," said one of The Circle's messengers that I didn't recognize. "I am to escort you to them." I followed the messenger dutifully.

Soon, we arrived at The Circle's main building. "I will leave you here," said the messenger. Instead of replying, I strode past him, through the double doors and into their lobby. "Welcome," said Aurayel, the leader of Ice. "Please, sit," she invited. We sat at a long table made of ice. It was Aurayel's table- the other leaders had their own tables, as well as a combined table, so I assumed that the other leaders of The Circle weren't coming. "So, to whom do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?" I said respectfully. Aurayel smiled. Her long platinum blonde hair was tied in a high plaited bun on her head, and she looked like an ice queen minus the crown. Out of the four Circle members, she was the nicest. She was willing to do a lot if you asked her the right way, unlike some of the other members.

"A matter of interest has arisen," was all she said, and she knew I knew what she meant. "Matters of interest" were often Fae who broke the rules, or very rarely they were learl, Fae that were half Fae, half Elemental, dangerous Fae who inherited Elemental and Fae powers. The dangerous thing about them was that Elemental and Fae powers combined could kill both species, and they were invincible once they reached a certain age. I was a well trained Faery assassin, and The Circle favoured me. "But it is getting late, Kestrel. Rest in your chambers, and we will meet tomorrow," Aurayel said, dismissing me immediately.

Chapter 2: Coming soon!!!

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